Friday, March 29, 2013

sweater weather?

sweater weather in march?
i went downtown to the cooper building today with my two friends for the sample sales! it's literally the best day of the month. i love going down there especially for the wildfox sample sale.. it's so insanely hectic but the stuff is amazing and cheap. i got three sweaters and a tshirt, all of which i absolutely adore. too bad it's march, not exactly los angeles "sweater weather" but they were too cute, i simply couldn't resist. i've been there only a few times before, and have passed a few other showrooms i liked, but wildfox is ultimately theee best. and to make it even better, there's a pressed juicery right down stairs, perfect cause of how hot it was today (how ironic considering the amount of sweaters i just single handedly bought). afterwords, we walked down to bottega louie, possibly my favorite restaurant in los angeles, for lunch. i got my usual soy cappuccino and a salad, and could not pass up the macaroons. ugh they're literally heaven and they're so irresistibly cute! rose and salted caramel are just sooo good. what a lovely day!
my favorite of the three that i haven't taken off all day
loved the cute clouds, and it's super lightweight
literally the softest thing on this planet
soy cappuccino 


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