Thursday, September 13, 2012

hanging out with cher horowitz

Plaid blazers, teenage girlhood, 90's catch phrases (as if! you are da bomb!) Clueless is literally the perfect teenage girl movie ever. If I could wear a bright yellow plaid mini skirt suit everyday to school, I probably would. Cher is the perfect preppy, girly teenage style icon. She's sassy, and is willing to say everything that us teenage girls are constantly thinking every second of our lives but are too "afraid" to say. In my perfect high school scenario, everyone would just wear plaid peacoats and matching headbands and write with furry pens all the time. (Why can't everyone just write with furry pens and be all cute. Ahh I wish high school would be all cute and stereotypical and preppy like in Clueless!!)
Mary Janes, cute little frilly socks, PLAID, headbands,  blazers, MORE PLAID (mixing and matching that plaid), sheer tops and peter pan collars.

Welcome to the world of Cher Horowitz.
As if!

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